When a mother has childbirth, she experiences baby blues for initial months. Baby blues is very similar to feeling depressed. The mother feels as if she hasn’t accomplished much with her baby, and feelings such as my “baby hates me” resurfaces. Whereas, postpartum depression is a clinical condition that is diagnosed and treated by a trained and licensed professional. Often when a mother is detected with postpartum depression, they are confused with the baby blues. 

Baby blues-In this, a mother can be consoled about her parenting tricks and can be soothed by her loved ones and the father of the child. It is very important to understand the difference between the two before it is too late. Postpartum depression is severely dangerous and harmful for both the mother and the child. To recognize the difference between both, you have to understand the symptoms of postpartum depression. This can be a mild depression or can he a high intensity one as well. The main thing about this is to figure it out and get the right help at the right time and get treated and get better. Not all postpartum patients suffer similar symptoms , every patient is different and can have different symptoms on case to case basis.

Read on, and you will understand the symptoms related to postpartum depression. So that if someone you know is suffering through it, you can tackle it beforehand.

Symptoms of postpartum depression:


Hallucination is a symptom where you see the things that aren’t real. The mother may say that the voices in her head said so, or Carly said so when there is no one named Carly in the mother’s list of the social circle. Hallucinations can be acted out rashly, or the mother may suffer in silence.


This is a symptom wherein the mother will have irrational thoughts and beliefs. They either may believe that their child is alive, in case of a stillborn, or may believe that aliens are abducting their child. This is why, in this symptom, they may be a little further from reality and believe in things that may not exist. They have there own little world created in there heads which is not actually real.

Extreme anxiety-

Is it postpartum depression or baby blues
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 We are all aware of minor anxiety symptoms, but in postpartum depression, the anxiety is very severe. Their anxiety reaches a high wherein the mothers stop eating, sleeping, and socializing. They may even get distant from the babies or get overly attached to the baby. They usually distance themselves from her loved ones.

Suicidal thoughts and actions-

The mother may put herself and her baby in line with life-threatening danger, intentionally. They may have suicidal thoughts wherein they act out either by trying to say their goodbyes indirectly or may communicate their thoughts openly.

Rapid mood swings-

 The mood swings are beside the ones you would expect due to hormonal changes. The moods will shift dramatically and quickly. It’s not very easy to get them to snap back to reality. They may confuse themselves with how they are reacting to their stimuli, but it is out of their control.

If you feel that you or your relative who is a new mom is suffering through it, then you can visit a counselor and get the help you need.

Postpartum depression is totally treatable and not all mothers but few mother’s do go through this during there initial days of motherhood. Many family members are unaware of this and may not identify the symptoms or misinterpret the new mom. So the family members need to be really compassionate,kind and helpful towards new mom to understand there feelings better nad help them get through this tough time. See professional help at the right time and everything will be fine soon.


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