Our society is full of prejudice and stigma against mothers; whether it is a working mom, single mom, mom with a partner, widowed mom, etc. People think they have a right to correct the mother at every step of the way. A new mother will face many challenges to the responses of the people around her, especially the society that is her circle of the social group.

The new mom will be expected to make the baby its central lifeline and anything less than it is considered as not loving the child. The mother is also considered incapable of raising a child without having a father figure to provide for the wellbeing of the child and the mother. Read on, and you will know some of the societal pressures that a new mother has to go through.

What society tells a new mom?

The child should always be put first-

It’s a common stereotype that once a mother becomes a mother, she has to make the baby her priority. It stems from the age-old custom that men have to be providers, and women have to be breeders. Initially, new moms will have to struggle with the stigma that comes with being a working mom.

Baby formula is bad- 

Moms who cannot produce milk, often go for baby formula milk. If a mom is working, they tend to lean towards baby formula as well. Essentially, society will also judge a mother for storing her milk in the bottle than directly feed the baby. Moms will have to internally fight the battle between choosing what is good for their body and what is expected of them.

A child needs both his parents- 

For new mothers who don’t have a father in the picture; they will often hear the words “make up with the father of your child, a child needs both their parents”. Society doesn’t believe that a mother can single-handedly handle the responsibility of raising her child. The new mom will have trouble managing her motherly duties and also fighting others who will force her to find a father.

The struggle of paid leave- 

Many countries and companies believe in the notion that if a mother is not working, then she doesn’t deserve the payment. The mom may also be asked to resign the job when she is pregnant. It’s a struggle to fight for her paid leave when she is expecting a child and delivered. I have seen so many mother’s going through this issue.

Moms who need nannies are lazy-

5 Things New Mom Has To Face From Society
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Asking for help is not a big issue and it’s also a personal choice. But society will judge a new mom for hiring some help. If a new mother hires a nanny, she will be thought of as lazy and uncaring mother.

These new pressures may affect the mother’s health with her already struggling with the physiological changes and baby blues. To all the new moms, you do what works for you than what is expected of you. Nobody will know what your baby needs more than you.


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