For flawless and texture-less skin, we watch videos of many Instagrammers, influencers, and YouTubers. We are the first ones to put our coins in the products that are recommended by them. But some of the times, what product worked miracles for them, will not affect your skin- or worst- may even worsen it. You find asking yourself, why so? The answer is simple- and we all know it, it’s because our skins are different. For every skin type, texture, and tone, different products will work.

This makes us wonder, are there any universal rules that work for us? Are there any natural beauty secrets that are common for everyone, no matter who or what? If this is what you are wondering, then yes, there are certain beauty rules or secrets that are universal. It will work for everyone no matter what their skin looks like. If you want to delve in the beauty secrets, then read on.

 Beauty secrets for everyone:

No makeup in the bathroom- 

While a bathroom is a perfect place to store your makeup, and practical even, it is bad for your makeup. The makeup is affected by the moisture and warmth of the bathroom and hence, can even expire before its best day of use. If you use such products, it may cause you to break out. Store your makeup in a cool and dry place like your bedroom.

Skincare fridge- 

If you are on social media, you would have seen people investing in mini-fridges for skincare. It’s a wise decision. The skincare that is stored in the fridge will have a longer shelf life. It will also be cool and smooth at application. Eye creams are especially to be stored in the fridge.


When you go to the beach, you wear your most fun and exquisite bikini. Yet, we forget about the tan lines it leaves behind. To avoid these a little, you can wear and lather yourself well in sunscreen. Wear sunscreen even if you are at home. The SPF 30 and higher is the most effective.

No makeup to the gym- 

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Wearing makeup to the gym seems sensible for gym selfies, right? Well, wrong. Wearing makeup to the gym is the worst condition for your skin. The sweat and the foundation, their mixture is a bad recipe for the skin. It may cause you to have more acne or have breakouts on your skin frequently. 

Clean your supplies- 

Products that you use frequently, and the ones that touch the face, they should be cleaned and sanitized. Wash your brushes regularly; they can store bacteria. Essentially, don’t give your lip-gloss to someone else. You should also avoid dipping your fingers in the container, and rather remove the product directly in your hands or freshly washed brushes. The sanitization of the phone is also the biggest tip for skincare. The dirty phone will cause your skin to breakout and it won’t be flawless no matter which product or homemade recipe you try. Sanitize and wipe your phone regularly.


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