Green tea heals the mind body and spirit.Consumption of green tea gives you a great kickstart and help you achieve a productive day of work.We often watch advertisements wherein green tea is promoted to drink for weight loss properties. We are advised to take it with warm water and some honey in it. But is the green tea’s benefits limited to just the weight loss and as a tea? Green tea can be used even after its consumption. It has many benefits for your skin ranging from acne to cancer. 

I have listed the correct manner you can use green tea for your benefit. If you wish to use the below-mentioned methods for your skin, then make sure to always wash your hand, and avoid touching any bacteria-infected place. You will benefit most if you wash your face and then apply the extract.

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Read on to find the benefits of green tea.

Acne Issues-

It has some qualities in it that make it an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This will cause the redness of the skin to lessen. If you have acne, redness, scarring, or puffiness, the green tea will help to reduce it. It is beneficial for both oily and dry skin, but with oily skin, it will also lessen the oil around your T-zone and face. It will moisturize the skin as well.


Tea has polyphenols that will make it easy for your skin to block the harsh UV rays of the sun. This will cure your skin of the side effects and disorders caused by the harmful rays both in animals and humans. Green tea can reduce the symptoms of melanoma skin cancer and photo-aging.

Tired Eyes- 

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For using green tea on your eyes, you can take 2-3 bags and dip them in water. Drain the bags off the excess water and store them in the fridge for 15 minutes. The contents in the bag can be directly applied to the eyes. The cold content will relieve the itchiness, dryness, and burning sensation in and around the eyes. The green tea will help you with puffy eyes. If you have had a sleepless night, this wonder is your best friend.

Prevents Aging- 

When you drink the green tea, it will help your body to delay the signs of aging. Most signs of aging occur early due to the toxins in the body and stress. The consumption of this, albeit regular, will help you fight the aging process and the signs on the body and also increase your immunity.

It is best used when you consume it directly. Not only does it promote weight loss, but it will also provide you with a leeway to get rid of the toxins in your body. The removal of toxins will make your skin glow bright, and you will look fresh and relaxed. When you take green tea extract and apply it to your skin, it will repair your skin and replace your skin cells with healthy skin cells. This will promote the growth of healthy skin, and eventually, you will be happy with the progress your skin has made.

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