It has become a prime importance for all the new parents to massage their babies. But most parents have questions as to when should you begin a massage? Are there any real benefits to the same or if it’s just a myth? Is oil massage necessary? When to massage? Etc. The massaging of the baby has many benefits for your little one. Parents can either massage their babies or they can hire a helper or specialist to do the job.

Some parents make use of oil to avoid the friction between their skin and the baby’s skin, whereas others think of it as messy. If you do use oil, make sure it is edible and odorless, as the baby might put it in their mouth. Parents can lay the baby on their back on a towel and start massaging from head to toe. You can repeat the massage if you and the baby are enjoying it. You can either massage them in the morning before their bath to start the day or at night before bedtime to soothe their body into sleeping.

We now know how to massage, when to massage, as well as who should massage the baby. Read on, and you will find the benefits of massaging the baby.

Benefits of massage:


When you massage the baby, their body and muscles will relax. When you hum their favorite song or talk to them, they feel safe, warm, loved, and nurtured. This relaxing process makes them sleepy and they tend to sleep peacefully.


A baby’s skin is the most sensitive part of their bodies. When you use oil for massage, you are nourishing the skin and providing it moisture. The oiling will also make their skin smooth and smell nice. 

Less pain in the joints-

Importance of baby massage in newborn
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The growth spurt of a child causes them to have pain in the joints. When you rub their joints and massage them, it relieves the pain they feel in their joints. This will make them cry less often, and they will be in a fresh and positive mood.

Bonding time- 

The massage time is a bonding time for both the parents and the baby. The massage will induce feelings of warmth and love in the baby’s body. They will learn to feel safe and nurtured with your touch. This will be set in their memory consciously and promote healthy relationships in the future.


When you rub the belly of the baby, it promotes digestion in their body. This will prevent them from having gas in their stomach. They will also have less frequent pain in the stomach. You can put your baby on their belly for a while and massage them.

Massaging the baby has these benefits, and you can massage them after approximate 1-1.5 months of their birth. You may not be comfortable initially, but when you will understand to learn your baby’s body and its cues, it will be easier. It will also be a fun time with your baby.

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