Haircuts are what shape your current look, and they also decide your style and personality. Some people prefer to have short hair whereas others long hair. Some of us want to experiment with our hair, but cannot due to the work requirements and personal fear of messing it up. Now that we are at home for quite some time, we are more encouraged to experiment with our hair. But now that salons are shut, what option do you have? You cut your own hair and test your hair styling skills.

You can cut your own hair because you either want to look good, experiment, or simply because it’s routine and hassle-free. If you are afraid of cutting your hair and have been waiting for so long, then you can read on, and learn how to cut your hair. I have mentioned different styles and looks you can achieve by yourself. If you wish to learn it further, you can also watch YouTube tutorials.

If you are willing to experiment, then video call your friends and do it with them. If you botch it, you look crazy together; and if it turns out good, then you will look beautiful together.

Guide to cut your own hair:


You cannot cut your hair with kitchen scissors. You need fancy scissors to cut your hair. The scissors should have a sharp blade so that you can cut your hair easily. The scissor can be light if you wish to put less weight on your hand.

You can buy this Soft grip handle and Sharp stainless steel blade scissor here Scotch 6-inch Multipurpose Scissor.

Also a good sectioning comb will seal your own hair cut deal. You can buy this high quality sectioning comb here Roots Hair Combs – Styling and Sectioning Combs – Black

Cut less- 

If you wish to cut your hair up to shoulder length, and then cut it till the middle of your back. This is because when you will first cut your hair, it will be uneven. You can always fix it along the way, and then make it short. If you mess it up initially, you won’t have any hair left to fix it.

Hair texture-

If your hair is curly or wavy always cut your hair dry. This way you can know what the natural look will turn out to be. If you have straight hair, always cut it wet, so that you don’t end up cutting less than what you intended to do. 


Since you are cutting your hair for the first time, don’t cut it while it is open and free down your back. You can tie your hair into a ponytail before cutting it. The hair will be easier to cut and gathered while it is in the ponytail. It is especially useful if you want to cut steps or layers.

Bob cut- 

This is one of the most difficult haircuts to do by yourself. You can cut your hair in parts and sections. Gradually move up to the length you want, whether its neck or shoulder. It will let you have room to make changes if you need to later.

You can cut your hair into bangs as well. You can always just trim it and maintain your classic look, but you can always experiment and try the look you always wanted. There’s no fun in trimming after all!

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