Our immune system helps us to fight against the microorganisms, germs, and bacteria that are in our bodies. You must have heard someone say that XYZ never gets sick; his immune system must be good. Some people are blessed with an immune system that helps them cope with regular diseases, whereas others have a fever every weekend. This makes us wonder if there is something we can actively do to increase our immune system.

There is no such super routine that will boost it 100%, but you can certainly make healthier life choices to stay healthy and to prevent your body from being the host of bacteria. The coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware and conscious of our health, and all of us want a stronger immune system to fight through this rough period in our lives.

Read on, and I will help you to make better life choices for both a boost in your health and immune system.

Tips to boost the immune system:

No smoking-

This point is a no brainer, as smoking takes away the strength of your lungs and leaves black tar in the place of healthy tissues and cells. Understandably, people feel threatened, stressed, and worried about today‚Äôs fast lifestyle. But there are other ways to cope with it such as meditation, exercise, and therapy that doesn’t involve smoking.

Plant-based diet- 

Many people are making the shift to a diet that is plant-based than animal-based. While you don’t have to go all the way to cutting out eating your favorite dish, you can consume it less and fill yourself with a vegetarian diet. 


How do you boost your immunity
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You don’t have to spend 3 hours daily in the gym. You can do some yoga in the morning or go for a jog in the open air. You can work out in your office or at home for 20 minutes, and it will change your body and mind for the better. Taking the stairs and ditching the junk is also a form of exercise that will benefit you.


People who are obese have more diseases than people who have a healthy weight. You can ditch cholesterol, diabetes, and morbidity rate by maintaining your weight. You can maintain your weight by checking the ideal weight and tracking your BMI.


We are all in a rat race, and hence get sleep only for a few hours. We sleep in on Sundays and wake up in 5-6 hours every weekday. But our bodies need a healthy amount of sleep. You should at least sleep for 7 hours a day. The body will be lazy if you sleep for more than 8 hours, and it will be tired if you sleep for less than 6 hours. Your body heals itself while you are sleeping.

You can minimize the stress in your life with some meditation, breathing exercises, and take precautions to stay away from germs and bacteria. Following these tips will make you 50% healthier than you are right now


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