Parenting is a journey that will teach you new things every day. There are many articles out there that points out the clichéd parenting tips and they will help you initially. But when your child grows, there will be many other situations that are different for you depending on your circumstance. You may need to get their attention at a dinner table or get them to stop clutching a teddy bear that you don’t want to buy for them.

They will of course throw tantrums, cry, scream, and gather as much attention as they can. In such cases, the general tips will neither help you nor console you. For this, I have listed some surprising parenting tips that will help you in times you most need it. Read on, and find out! These parenting tricks are both practical and unconventional for your special situation.

Surprising parenting tips:

parenting tips

1. Boo-Boo

When your child falls, always ask them both the questions “are you hurt?” and “are you scared?” When children fall, they are hurt, as well as scared of the thing that has made them fall. You can even tell them a story of their mommy and daddy falling as kids to sound relatable.

2. Stay apart while flying-

While you are traveling by air, you should sit apart. One parent can sit with the children and the other can sit alone. The parents can switch seats every 2 hours. This will let the kids enjoy both the parent’s companies, play different games, and give the parents some break to catch up on work and sleep.

3. Getting their attention-

While eating and being out and about, you will notice that sometimes your child will be stuck on a window of a toy store, or not eat and be fussy at the dinner table. In such situations, it’s hard to grab their attention. You can always start your sentence with “did I ever tell you this story?” This will instantly get their attention towards you.

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4. Beverage duty-

The school organizes many functions and parents of each student are given a duty. You can pick the beverage duty in such situations. It’s not time-consuming and you can involve yourself in the event with your child.

5. Stopwatch-

Is your child not doing the homework? Are they stomping their feet when you ask them to do their daily chores? Or while getting ready? Take out a stopwatch. You can always tell them that “let’s see if you can do this faster than mommy” and start recording the time. This will ensure that your child will work faster and nicely at their chores. The stopwatch is a great motivator.

Parenting your child is an everyday job and you will need all the tricks and tips up your sleep. You have to outsmart your child daily with love and patience as you know what is good for them and what will make them a better person. Sometimes, however, give in to their demand, and see the smile that lights up on their face.

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