Bringing the baby into this world has always been a daunting and thrilling experience for the parents. But giving birth during such uncertain times, it is even more daunting than thrilling. The biggest change has been the added stress and the anxiety of being alone. Most of the checkups have been shifted to the telephonic process rather than the contemporary checkups. The checkups that are made physically, that too cannot involve the partner.

The biggest change is the process, the aftercare, and the birthing process itself. The birthing process is the same as before involving the staff and equipment, but with more precaution than before. The partners are allowed to stay during the birth process, but after that, they are not allowed to stay in the mother and baby’s room. This is to prevent infections.

There are many more changes that have occurred due to the current pandemic, and hence, you can read on and find the changes and console yourself with the positive and the negatives.

Changes in birth of baby due to COVID-19:


1. Partner’s involvement-

The partner can be involved in the process from afar. The physical checkups don’t involve the partner to keep maintaining social distance. The partner can stay in the room during delivery, but after that, they cannot be involved in the process. The partner has to stay away for the safety of their family.

2. House birth-

House birth seemed like the thing of the Victorian eras, and yet, it has come back around. Many parents are afraid of their newborn contracting the virus and getting ill in the hospital. This is why they have been opting for home childbirths. They can have a doctor or midwife or both deliver the baby in the safety of their homes.

3. Baby care-

For all the new parents, it is quite natural to take care of their baby and especially a little extra care once they are born. But due to the coronavirus, the child has to be taken care of more now than ever. The child cannot entertain the visitors and cannot bond with their cousins and grandparents. This is only to protect the child’s health.

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4. Relatives-

When a mother is about to bring her child in the world, she is surrounded by her relatives, grandparents, neighbors, cousins, and friends. All the loved ones wish to be near the little one. But as the social distancing dictates, the relatives are not allowed in the hospital premises, and they are also not to visit the baby in the house.

5. Mask is new in-

Before the parents can play with their child, feed them, etc. they need to wear a mask to best protect their child. It is also better to wash your hands and have a change of clothes before you see the baby.

These uncertain times have brought much stress and apprehension in the minds of the mother, but the love, support, and safety from near and dear once will prepare you for the birthing process. The anticipation of the unknown is scary but the will to meet your little moon is stronger than anything in the world. This power will help you master your strength and go through the birthing process in this difficult times.


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