When you are on a health spree and are looking to shed a pound or two, you will count your calories before you can put anything in your mouth. It is true when someone says that a healthy lifestyle is a 30% workout and 70% of your diet. It has also been a right saying “a moment on the lips, and forever on the hips”. But what about bananas? And why is this one fruit so controversial that people have picked sides?

The people who are pro banana say that its carbs and sugar are more natural than the refined sugary snacks such as cookies, candies, cakes, chocolates, etc; whereas it is also a good alternative when you want to munch on something sweet. It helps them transition from a sweet tooth to a healthy diet. People who are anti-banana will say that the carbs and sugar content in this one fruit is higher than those of most other fruits.

If you are looking to count those calories, then read on, and you will know if banana will make it to your platter or not.

The truth about banana- weight loss or weight gain?

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1. The whole diet-

When you are looking to lose your weight, it’s what you eat overall that matters. Yes, a bowl of apple has lesser calories than a bowl of banana, but if you eat chips and coke with a bowl of apple than it is much more unhealthy than eating a bowl of banana with rice and vegetables. It’s about how much calories you are consuming overall.

2. Snack choice-

A banana is a healthier option as a snack than a bowl of chips. It is also more filling than any other random snack you would consume. The bananas make for the perfect dessert when you are craving something late in the night or midnight. They are nutritious and high in fiber as well.

3. The quantity-

When you eat a single banana, it will help you follow your calorie deficit diet. But if you eat 3 bowls of banana, then you will consume over 350 calories with banana itself. You can always eat the bananas- but in moderation. Overeating will cause you to consume more calories.

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4. Satiate calories-

When you eat high-calorie food every day, it is difficult to suddenly go on a calorie deficit diet. You will control your hunger during the day, but when it comes to night time? You will consume that packet of Oreos. This is why; the bananas will help your mind in tricking that you are consuming the high-calorie diet, without consuming it.

5. Fiber-

Bananas are a great source of fiber. When you are dieting, it will help maintain the equilibrium of your digestive system and take care of your health.

Bananas overall, they are a good source of nutrition. But if you consume it daily or regularly and bowl full of it, then it will cause you to gain weight. Your style of eating, quantity, time of consumption, the rest of the meal and of-course your exercise routine; will decide if banana contributes to weight loss or gain for you.

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