Motherhood is a feeling of warmth and love that cocoons a child. What you tell yourself is what comes to reality. If you are worried about being a mother and voice it constantly, then you will only get more worried. If you have positive feeling towards your responsibilities as a mother, then you will get through all the difficult and good times with positivity and calmness with your child. What you feel is also what is reflected in your child.

This is why you must adopt some motherhood mantras that will help you succumb to only happiness for you and your family. The mantras, however, that our brain is wired to repeat again and again are the negative ones. You can, however, rewire your brain and condition it to repeat the mantras that help you in becoming a good parent. But what are the mantras and how do they help you? Read on, and you will understand what you should repeat every day.

Motherhood mantras:


1. No grit, no pearl-

This mantra means that there are no benefits when there is no hard work. It will prepare you for the hard week and sleepless nights that you will experience because of your baby. Without you going through such changes, you would have ever got the happiness of being a mother.

2. Only love today-

It is very easy for the parents to get frustrated because of their work, the changing lifestyle, problems with their loved ones, etc. It is very easy to drown your child in your frustrations. The parent feels guilty later, but the scar is always left on the child. Hence, decide on this day you will only love. You can treat your child with love and kindness every day with this mantra.

3. Move at a child’s pace-

Being a parent brings drastic changes. To accommodate these changes, it takes time. You can expect to move at the speed of light to accommodate and adjust to these changes. Hence, you need to move at a child’s pace to cope with the changes brought by your child’s birth. Remind yourself to take breaks often as well.

4. Being and enjoying instead of wishing and waiting-

As a parent, especially new parents, you will wish and want for your old lifestyle, body, friends, and schedule. Not being able to revert to older shape and life can cause you deep trouble. Hence, remind yourself to bring in the moment with your child, and enjoy those precious moments than wanting for more and wishing for lost things.

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5. Learn the lesson that children teach you-

The child will teach you themselves how they would like to get disciplined by you, as well as how to love them. Keep your ears, eyes, mind, and instinct open so that you can learn what your child is teaching you.

These mantras will help you to be a better parent every day. The mantras should be repeated daily, and you can also pen them down every day before you start your day. Penning it down will affirm them into your mind and behavior.

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