Before we start any journey of our life, the first emotion we experience is fear. Whether its going on a rollercoaster ride, going into a haunted house, buying a new house or starting a relationship, your fear is the one thing that you feel and channel at first. We miss many opportunities because we let our fear control us. Imagine what could it be like if you could control your fear.
Seems easier said than done right? Its hard to imagine to live a life without fear, but once you let it go, you will open yourself to many possibilities. For many of us, we have read books, watched movies, glanced through videos of motivational speakers, and yet the fear clings to us. If you wish to let go of your fear, then read on, and you will understand how to over power an emotion that has tied you into its shackles.

Guide to moving on:


1. Write it down-

Whether your fear is something as simple as rats or something as complex of being alone, you need to write it down. When you write it down, you’re acknowledging your fears and it is registering in your conscious mind. Acceptance of your fear comes through writing, and this acceptance is a battle half won.

2. Blockage-

What stops you from making a decision? Too deep a question? Whether it is your career, love life, family, friends, the world, etc. list down your blockages. Once you know what stops you from grabbing an opportunity, the next time you will be aware of this pattern, and you will try to prevent it and eventually break it.

3. Reminiscent-

It is said correctly that always forgive, but never forget. Your situation keeps changing, and hence your decisions will change accordingly as well. You can make the same decision again and have two outcomes. So forgive yourself for your past mistakes but don’t forget the lessons learnt. Don’t be afraid to take the same step again, this time you may succeed with flying colors.

4. Analyze-

If you have a certain fear, why do you have that fear – analyze your fear? Sometimes we know the answer but we cannot come to the terms and accept it. Give yourself some time and come to grips with the reason and accept it. You can also seek guidance from therapists for the same. The analyzing of the root cause of fear will lead to its annihilation.

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5. What if-

Get over this question, “what if”. Stop saying what if and just trust your instinct and yourself and take that step. Only by doing something you are fearful of can you get over it. When you will finish the above 4 steps, only then this last step will be remaining of between you and fearlessness. So, hold your hand, steady yourself, and take a leap.

You can get over your fear and start facing the tough situations but sometimes, you may end up falling also. For this, always have a plan B ready. In fact, the assurance of a plan B will make you more motivated to take the decision to end your fear. It’s ok to fail but not trying at all because of your fear is a path you will be taking to coward’s land. Learn from your mistake and evolve.

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