The transformation from a husband to a father is both terrifying and loving. Sometimes the father has insecurities, whereas other times, they are confident of being a father. Being a new father has its challenges, but no matter what, all dads try their best to be the best dad they can be for their baby. If you are a new father and feel out of your depth, these 5 confessions form new fathers will guide and console you.

Confessions of a new father:


1. The clueless 6 months-

The dad is clueless and helpless for the first 6 months. Some dads take time to bond with their fathers. The father has to learn how to swaddle, burp, hold the baby, etc. They don’t have the connection that a mother instantly has with a child, neither do they have maternal instincts. This is why the first 6 months the father glances from a new guide book to the next and practices being a feather with his beloved baby. The journey and getting to know each other initially is an astounding experience.

2. Time alone-

The first time that a father and child stay alone; it is scary for the new dads. The mother is always aware of their schedule and the nitty-gritty of the baby. For this reason, the father is a little apprehensive at first. The time alone yet will have a profound shift in their bonds and perspectives. In this alone time, they will discover new activities to do together and how to take care of the child singlehandedly.

3. Baby blues-

A mother has a mental and physical change after giving birth to the baby. The father, however, is stuck with his behavior and mindset as before the baby was born. The man has to be a husband and a father and accommodate both their changes. The father also finds that he and his wife don’t think alike now, and has to take care of her. Her highs will be high and lows will be lower.

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4. Replacement-

When a baby is born, the mother comes first and the wife comes second. Many fathers deal with the adjustment wherein they fear of being replaced by their child. Once a mother says to her baby “I love you the most, you are my favorite person, most husbands will always wonder “what about me?” But eventually, the father understands that marriage becomes stronger with a new baby arrival.

5. Boring baby activities-

Even if you would take a bullet for your child, it is not unheard of that the baby activities are too slow. The mother may find children’s books and activities fascinating, but to some fathers, they are very boring and child like, and there best interest might not lie there. Yet, they realize that even if the book is slow and boring, watching their child’s reactions and gurgling makes it worth a while.

For a father, to transform himself into a dad is difficult and takes time. But the more time they spend with the baby, the easier it gets. Once they are in sync, they will spend their entire days, and even life sitting beside the baby’s crib and watching them do nothing.

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