What kind of a mother you are is a reflection of your personality. The mother will only raise her child to be the best when she is aware of who she is and what are her strengths, as well as weaknesses. Once you can recognize your weakness, you can improve on them and your parenting strategies as well. You can read on and see for yourself what kind of mom you are and how can you parent your child much better. No matter what kind of mom you are, nobody will love your child as much as you would.

Types of mom:


1. The perfect mom-

There is no such thing as perfect in this world, but this mother strives to achieve it. Their children are always well dressed, well behaved, and well-groomed. Their grades are perfect and the mother itself is perfect in her parenting skills. The children are only expected to be perfect, and anything below it is unacceptable. This type of mother needs to remember to take breaks in between and give her children the freedom to do what they wish to do.

2. The giver-

This is the type of mom who will give you her career to be with their children. She will sacrifice her work to bring her child lunch. She is warm, emotional, and attached to her child. She will do anything to give her child what he or she wants. These moms need to remember to sometimes put themselves first and let their child be more independent and used to functioning without her.

3. The ambitious mom-

If your work and career means the world for you, then this is you. These moms will parent their children, as well as reach their ambitions. They may forget a sports meeting and parent-teacher sometimes, but they don’t miss their office meetings. While these moms are setting a good example of independence, they need to learn to have a healthy balance between work and family life.

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4. The romantic mom-

The mom who has glue in one pocket, glitter in another, and a bagful of paints and paper is a romantic mom. She is always ready to create adorable masterpieces with her little ones. She will also spend a lot of time with their children being creative and helping them build things, but sometimes, these moms get carried away with their mood swings, and the child has to be the parent.

5. The observer mom-

She is the one who will present to her children new ideas, and will encourage them to pursue it. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her child leave a mark on the world by his or her innovations. This mom yet needs to understand that she can’t detach herself from her children and may need to express her emotions, especially up to the child’s teen years.

Whether you are this type of mom or that, you will always have limitations. But this is what makes you stronger and a good mom. Recognizing your shortcomings, overcoming them, and living your life for your child will only set an example of a perfect mom and human being to her child.


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