Superstitions and India have had a strong and unbreakable bond between each other. This is why whether you are buying a house, crossing a street, marrying, or even pregnant, you will face many people who will have their own sets of rules, superstitions, and solutions to resolve the same. When you are pregnant you go through many hormonal changes, and it will cause you to have feelings of paranoia, happiness, anger, which will switch like that off a light bulb. Sometimes you will be concerned by the superstitions whereas other times, you will be untouched.

Even if you are an ardent believer in science, you will still sometimes believe in these myths. If a mother finds a ring and wears it every day, and in a month she gets the good news that she is pregnant, then you would best believe, she will think of it as a lucky charm. She will wear it until the birth of her child. This is because as a mother she wants nothing more than the happiness, health, and success of her baby. This makes a non-believer mother a believer too.

Read on, and you will know the 3 most common superstitions every Indian mother has to go through.

Superstitions for an Indian mother:


1. Don’t look at the baby while breastfeeding-

When an Indian mother breastfeeds her baby, she is expected to not look at the baby at all. It is considered an evil omen and is related to an evil’s eye.  This superstition stops a mother from checking if her baby is breastfeeding or not, if the baby is comfortable or not, or if the baby can breastfeed enough to nourish their body.

2. Solar eclipse-

Whenever there is a solar eclipse, and someone is pregnant, their child is assumed to have a physical defect. They may have a cut lip or extra fingers, etc. Mothers can stay in the safety of their house and yet it will affect them. The superstitions dates back to centuries; and mothers who are pregnant often worry over their babies. There has been no proof that it is scientific as of yet, mere chance and coincidence.

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3. Morning sickness and gender-

It has been a struggle to know the gender of the baby in India- and with good reasons. Yet, in such modern times, parents can’t help but wonder if they will have a boy or a girl. In those uncertain times, wherein you don’t know the gender of the baby, there are people from many wakes who will tell you their myths about the gender revelation. One such is the morning sickness. It is said that if a woman has more morning sickness, she has been gifted with a daughter and less morning sickness is related to having a boy. Crazy myth right ?

All these superstitions and others amount to nothing but hoax stories. You can either laugh it off and brush them away or be concerned by the same. If you have some concerns, it is better to discuss them with your partner and doctor. In the end, nothing matters but the health of the baby and that of the mother.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is purely the author’s opinion/experience and in no way should be considered as a professional advice.

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