We are all fans of the perfect hair flip that we see on Instagram stories or in movies. We want to achieve that, but in the first attempt, we notice our unruly and frizzy hair. The smooth and soft hair that we see on TV shows seems like a dream that can never be a reality. Many of us beat the tangles, and even try expensive serums, as well as many treatments, and yet, nothing may seem to work. You can read on, and try these 5 effective ways that will help you to get soft and smooth hair.

5 Tips to smooth and soft hair:


1. Banana pack-

Banana has vitamins, minerals, and potassium that will help you to get healthy hair. The banana also has antioxidant properties that will reduce free radicals. The banana pack can be made at home by adding some yogurt, or you can also buy a ready-made product. Apply this product after every wash, and it will give you soft and smooth hair overtime.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar-

The apple cider vinegar is not only used for maintaining weight but also helps in maintaining the PH level of your scalp. It will remove all the extra products, dandruff, dust, and other bacteria from your hair. This will aid you in getting smooth and soft hair. It will also close the ends of your hair which will prevent split ends.

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3. Hot oil-

Simply applying oil to your scalp will not do the trick. Instead, get a hot oil massage. The hot oil massage will relax you, nourish your scalp, and strengthen the quality of your hair. The massage will circulate the blood flow to your scalp will result in soft and smooth hair. Doing this twice a week is recommended for best results. You can try any oil of your choice coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or a mix of all oils.

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4. Shampoo-

There are many shampoos out there that will help you replenish your hair. The shampoo with right ingredients will break or make your hair.

You can try the amazing TRESemme’s smooth and shine replenish shampooThis shampoo will replenish your hair in one wash and will nurture your hair back to health. The add-on conditioner TRESemme Smooth and Shine Conditioner will only help to deep condition your hair and make it super smooth. And the brownie point is that the shampoo smells like a combination of vanilla and chocolate toffee. It will make your hair smell good for a week at least.

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5. Blow-dry-

After your hair wash, you can blow dry your hair with the cold settings. The cold air will ensure them is not damaged with the heat. You can apply the serum after the blow-drying as well. The blow-drying will make your hair look stylish.

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A perfect Serum will make your hair look silky and shiny. Apply the serum while its wet and comb gently. Using a brush is an effective way to comb your hair. Comb your hair regularly to increase the blood circulation going and in turn strengthening your hair. Taking care of yourself is the best investment you can gift yourself; so do nurture your hair with utmost care!

DISCLAIMER: The point of view in the blog is of the author’s/writer’s experience and opinion and in no way should be perceived as a professional advice.

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