We have spent many nights crying ourselves to sleep and binge-watching shows while stuffing our face with ice cream. This is all the result of the hurt and disappointment we feel from the people and things we most trust and love. The toxicity in our life is spread by the people who aren’t good for us. We read about the bad boys in the books and think to ourselves that we will fix the boy or girl that has entered our life. We often, however, forget that nobody is born for us to fix rather they are to fix themselves.

While placing bandages in the holes of their lives, we create holes in ours. This is why we need to get rid of all the people that bring us tears and negativity in our lives. But is it as easy as I say it is? Of course not. Even if we manage to rid ourselves of the people who bring us toxicity, we end up taking them back the moment they say an apology. Read on, and I will walk you step by step on how to rid toxic people out of your life and to permanently keep them away.


You need to first understand the root of the toxicity. Sometimes what we say or think is toxicity is nothing but someone trying to tell the truth that we are too scared to accept. Understand and pinpoint the toxicity of your life or the person that brings it.

Say no- 

When you have pinpointed the reason for your toxicity, be firm, and take a step back. No matter how much it hurts, be firm for the moment, and run to safety. It will hurt you right now, but it will be good for you when you reminisce after few years.


Your toxicity will come back to you so that it can once again cling to you. You will have to set boundaries. If the person that brings you negativity is related to you, for example, he or she can be your father, son, partner, business partner, best friend, etc. then what? You have to still work with them, but then set boundaries as it can never go back to the way it was.

Quit the good behavior-

We are bound by the human code to be nice to everyone. But don’t be too nice to someone who will only harm you internally. The person may have a dark past, a sympathetic story, or cover with them, but if you keep relating to them, then what about you? So, don’t be too sweet and cut them off.

You are not the guardian angel 

You need to realize that you are not born to save that person. The person can take care of themselves. Leave the situation and trust their destiny to find them.

Always remember that once you cut someone off your life, they will stay out of it. Don’t let them enter again. Treat yourself to a beautiful dress and a bowl of ice cream. It is a breakup, take time to recuperate from it but trust your instincts because most probably it is showing you the right path towards happiness.

DISCLAIMER- The content inside the article is the author’s experience/opinion and in no way should be considered as professional advice.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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