Raising a happy child is what most parents want for their child. Their number one concern is also the same, how to keep my child happy? Even  before the child is born, all the parent wants for them is to be happy and content in their life. For this, parents struggle day and night to make their entire ends meet. From buying their favorite toys to enrolling them in various classes, and taking trips often together, parents leave no stones un-turned to make their child happy.

Yet, we often forget that for children, observing a fish in a bowl, watching the trees sway in the wind, playing on the swing with their parents, etc. is what makes them happy. They see the world through eyes that are very different from our adults’ perspective. They may not need the most expensive trip, but just for you to push them off on the swings. Hence, if you wish to raise a happy child, and wish to know what little things contribute to their happiness, you can read on as I have listed the same.

What makes a child happy?


1. Animals-

Children get the most happiness when they see different animals. They want to play with all the puppies and the babies of the other animals. When they see an animal up close, and personal, they squeal in delight. You can take them on a trip to the zoo and ask them to feed the animals themselves. You will see the brightest smile, when you introduce them to animals and explain them the importance of interaction with animals in a kind and gentle manner.

2. Music and dance-

If you have ever seen a child dance, you will see that their face will light up with joy. They wish to play their favorite song and dance while throwing their hands in the air. They especially love it when their parents join them in this little dance-off. So play on your child’s favorite track and dance your heart out. This will also introduce a parent-child bonding time and exercise is the add on with your child’s big cute extraordinary smile.

3. Exploration-

Little children want to crawl everywhere, touch everything, and put it in their mouth. The exploration of sand, stones, grass, vegetables, and even the back of your sofa will delight them. You can take them for a walk in your neighborhood. They would even love to go grocery shopping and would also love star gazing.

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4. Story time-

Kids are fond of stories, whether it’s your story, made up, or read from a storybook, they are here for it! This is why they crawl in the laps of their grandparents as they have too many stories to tell and they have an eager eye and ear. A bedtime story will be their favorite routine of the day. Watching those colorful pictures in the story book and even looking at your expression while narrating the story will elevate there mood.

5. Running-

When we were kids, we would run so fast that everything would go blur. And this is what gives children happiness and thrill. Running as if no one is seeing you while feeling the cool wind hitting the face and racing your friends, there is no greater joy.

We often make the mistake of balancing and measuring the happiness of a child into materialistic things. This is why to keep them happy you must think like them, and at times even act like them. You will be rewarded with a smile as radiant as the sun.


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