Tell me if this sounds familiar. You were craving a food item that is probably fried, cheesy, and full of carbs. You wanted to have a little amount for your physical health, but you lost control and had the whole dish. It happens to all of us. We sometimes give in to our cravings and consume too much oily food. When this happens we feel our stomach getting upset, and can feel the fat go to our thighs, hips, and stomach. Then, it is goodbye abs.

We then think of following some damage control contingencies. But then, what can you do? To make your stomach feel lighter and for the fat to not linger in our body, we will then eat and drink healthy things, but how can you be sure that it will work? Hence, I have got you. If you have had too much oily food, then you can read the following points and feel free and light.

Things to do after you have eaten oily food:

oily food

1. Drink Warm water after eating oily food-

After consuming the food, we will drink a cup of cold water. Instead of cold water, drink a cup of warm water. The warm water will soothe your throat. The warm water will help your stomach to digest the nutrients easily in the food. This means a functioning and healthy digestive system. The warm water will also prevent the fat from sticking to your body.

2. Walk-

Many people go for a regular walk after they have had their dinner. If you have had oily food and feel stuffed, then you need to go for a walk. The walk will give your stomach some mobility and aid the digestion process. The walk will help you in feeling relaxed and the food will settle. Don’t go for a brisk walk, rather it should be a slow walk.

3. Probiotic-

Probiotic food items, supplements, and drinks will help your gut to be clean and clear. It has already strengthened your digestive system. But if you don’t take it regularly, then take it after consuming oily food. You can drink a probiotic drink, and if it isn’t available, then you can eat some yogurt.

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4. Fruits-

Fruits have high fiber content. When you take it after eating oily food, you will have a regular bowel movement the next day due to the fiber. You may be stuffed, so rather than eating a bowl full of fruits, you can consume few pieces of the same.

When you sleep, you ensure that you have slept for at least 8 hours. This will help you to digest the food in the resting hours. You can also sleep on your left side if you feel like the food is coming up your throat. Avoid sleeping on your stomach and right side if you feel the symptoms of acidity.

Disclaimer- The content on the blog is personal experience /opinion of the author and no way should be considered as professional advice.

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