When we see videos and pictures of the makeup tutorials, and launch of a new makeup line, their target audience is always the younger crowd. Their style of teaching the perfect eye look, tips for applying lipstick, applying the brow product, etc. are always for women under 30. But we also need tips and tricks for women who are over a certain age. This is why here is a list of hacks of makeup for older women. Read on, and once you apply these tricks, you will feel and look like a million bucks.

Makeup hacks for older women:


1. Prime the eyelids-

The skin of your eyelids may not be too oily or too dry, and yet applying primer is a must. The primer will lessen the signs of aging on your eyes. It will also make for a good base before you can apply your eye shadow.

2. Thick primer-

Application of the thick primer will lessen your pores, as well as close the pores on your T-zone. Your fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging will disappear or lessen with the application of the same. You should apply this over a layer of moisturizer on your face for the best results.

3. Application of the makeup-

Common style of applying the makeup is to apply it all over the face for good coverage. But for older women, you can apply the foundation at the center of your cheeks and then move towards outward face. The cheeks need the most coverage as it has maximum signs of aging.

4. Brows-

When older people were young, in their era they would have thin eyebrows. But now it’s the time for natural and thick eyebrows. Your eyebrows may even be white. This is why you need to fill in your brows for a complete and proper bow look.

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5. Start with the eyes-

People usually start with the base and then move towards their eyes. But if you don’t want the foundation and makeup to settle in your fine lines and wrinkles, then start with the eyes first and then move towards the face.

6. Eyeliner-

In your younger times, you would swipe the pencil across your lid and get a proper line. But when you grow older, you will have wrinkles that will make it difficult to draw a straight line. Hence, dot the eyebrow pencil over your lids. Then smudge it with the sponge. This will give you a smoky and straight liner.

7. Skip the powder-

Apart from a little powder to settle the concealer, you can skip the powder altogether. The powder will make the skin on the face look ashy and dry. It will also stick to facial hair that grows out in the older age.

The products that you use, it will make your skin glow if you use more liquid and cream products than the powdered ones. The makeup will help your skin to look flawless and glow. You can now go ahead and get ready with the tips suggested.

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