Life is unfair, bitter, happy and full of love; life is both ironic and paradoxical. The journey of life will be difficult and sometimes they will need your help and support before you set them free and on their own to choose their path, you have to teach them certain important life lessons. You can reason, and get to know the important life lessons you should impart to your kids.

Lessons to teach your kids:


1. Honesty-

We often say white lies and small lies every day. We observe our kids do it too. They say lies for not doing their homework, when they break a toy, etc. But lying is not a good trait. And it’s especially bad when you lie constantly and to everyone. Teach your child to always stay honest, and be fearless. There is a certain appeal and fearlessness when you speak the truth, and make them understand and realize this earlier in life.

2. Healthy food-

In our day to day life, we notice our inches getting bigger than getting small or remaining to a minimum level. Healthy food should be chosen from a young age, as it will help them maintain their weight, and prevent any diseases that can be caused due to obesity. Healthy food choices can lead them to lead a healthier and satisfying life.

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3. Respect-

Respecting others irrespective of their opinions, status of living and money will be a valuable lesson for them. The respect will be both ways, and if you don’t teach them this important lesson then they will not grow up to be adults who can’t have a healthy debate and respect the person irrespective of the difference in opinion. Looking down on people is not an attractive quality, and this can be learned through experience and by their parents.

4. Time management-

Time once lost will never be gained. When they are kids and lay around we ignore it thinking that they are children. And yet, not quite so. They need to learn how to manage time from a young age. This will lead them to balance their work and personal life effectively. You can teach them to-do lists, making a plan, and effectively setting time for oneself, social life, family life, and work.

5. Compassion and forgiveness-

Sometimes they will make mistakes, and sometimes others will do wrong by themselves. For this, they need to be compassionate and accept it. Many times people act out of desperation than doing the right thing. When they are compassionate, they will recognize this. They will also relate to people’s problems and join hands with people and organizations that will help them better the world they live in. At the same time, they should be able to forgive the ones who wronged them as forgiveness is said to be a divine quality.

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These life lessons can be taught to them via sharing your tips, correcting their mistakes, or even via stories. Parenting is a life long journey, and you can always teach and remind them of these 5 lessons that are important in life.


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