Our skincare is made right by having a long and detailed ritual. It concludes the price of various companies that promise us good things. We sometimes see the difference in our skin and sometimes we don’t see any. The skincare however then seems to us that only people who make a steady and comfortable income can invest in it. Or, even if we make much more money, should we invest it all in the skincare? Of course not. We have any other prospects and investments.

What then can we do? When we turn around the bottle of the skincare, we see the ingredients. They seem very fancy but when you break it down, it’s nothing more than our basic kitchen ingredients processed to form a paste. Can we then use it directly? Yes. But then the question arises, what ingredients should we use? No worries, I have got you!

I have listed the 5 ingredients that will change your game for skincare. Read on, and you will find the top 5 ingredients for your healthy and glowing skin.

Ingredients to better your skin:


1. Aloe vera-

The Aloe vera is the plant whose gel is soothing and gentle on the skin. The aloe vera will moisturize and nourish your skin. The gel will cause redness and soreness to go down. For teenagers especially, the pimples and acne can be healed by the application of the aloe vera gel. You can have the cooling effect best when you apply it after refrigerating it for some hours.

2. Honey-

When you make a face pack and facemask, the main ingredient in it is honey. The honey will tie in the ingredients of the facemask and face pack. Honey will nourish your skin and leave behind a smooth and healthy glow. The skin will be free of bumps and it also exfoliates the skin well. Honey at times also has hair removal properties.

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3. Green tea-

After drinking the green tea, we always throw the remnants in the trash bag. But you can use the wet tea to apply directly to your face. The green tea is an excellent ingredient for extracting the impurities. You can get rid of the dark spots, fine lines, and the dark circles around the eyes.

4. Turmeric-

If you have a lot of hair on the face, and it hampers your makeup application and makes your foundation look green, then you can apply the turmeric on the face. It will bleach your hair and remove some. This will rid you of the facial hair. The turmeric also has healing properties that will make your face go two shades lighter.

5. Yogurt-

When we were young, we used to apply cream and yogurt together for smooth skin. The toxins are completely removed when you apply the yogurt. It will also leave your skin smooth as butter and you cannot resist pulling your cheeks.

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These five ingredients will change your skincare game. The skincare can be taken up a notch by simply using the products that we find in our vicinity, i.e. the kitchen.


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