During this pandemic, not only are the men finding it difficult to deal with life but women too, especially mothers. It might seem normal to most people but it isn’t, because along with being mothers they are also housewives and let alone the duties of a mother, being a housewife is no easy job.

Hardships Mothers are facing:

There are mothers working in different fields, earning for the family, to cater to their needs. For instance mothers who are working in the field like nursing are setting up their medical requirements in the garages so as to not bother their family and leaving the child with only one parent.
Despite these hardships, mothers are not quivering with the amount of care and love they show to their kids and family. They are trying their level best to give their warmth in a constant manner.
While there are mothers who are at different stages of their pregnancy, or going through labor with the absence of their own mothers. Some mothers are just trying to make ends meet and satisfy their family after having lost their jobs.
There are mothers who not only have to take care of their children but also aged or maybe a disabled family member, all by themselves. Due to the pandemic, there are mothers who have even lost their family members.

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Mother Working from Home:

Due to the physical distancing rules, mothers who are working from home cannot even call anybody home for assisting them in handling their children. They need to curb these distresses so as to deal with the house needs. There are times when the mothers feel whether they can bear the workload but that’s not it, they have to go on with it.
But along with the sad part, they are also happy as they do not have to wake up too early, or catch a train or bus or drive themselves to reach their work destination on time. They get to avoid all the transport hassle and they are very content with this happiness.

Tips for Mothers:

The mothers are working round the clock, taking every hardship as a source of motivation and sustaining herself for the betterment and upliftment of her family.
Being a woman, getting emotional and feeling worked up is innate and very much important as that is what keeps you going. Getting exasperated and weakened is not something to be ashamed of; instead it is important and apt for the current situation.
Do not persuade yourself to be happy, happiness will come on its own after having done such great deeds and not falling off. Remember that you always have your family who has your back and will support you through thick and thin.
But, why should women depend on anyone for anything? After giving birth, working, dealing with different kinds of people, taking care of your family members and looking after house chores, you are nothing but a ‘Super-Woman’.
You are your own strength, your own inspiration and motivation. If you put your mind to anything, you will surely and definitely be able to achieve it; because you are unique.

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