Your toddler is mastering the human language with his baby “Aaa”, “Mamma” “Dada” and “yayas”. With every passing day he is learning a new expression. Do you ever wonder how your toddler will start talking fluently with you ? Don’t worry fluency and expression comes with time and practice. Here are few wonderful communication ideas which will help you and your toddler communicate very expressively. You can encourage there talking skills with everyday play ideas, listening to your child, chatting together, singing, and telling stories.

About toddler talking

Your toddler’s language will start to ‘explode’ soon, although your child has been learning about words, sounds, and back-and-forth conversations since birth.
You can keep encouraging toddler talking by singing, saying nursery rhymes, talking, reading, and narrating stories.

What to expect: toddler talking


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Your toddler will probably start to:

  1. Speak incorrect sentences from 24-30 months
    2. Be understood more by strangers from 26-36 months
    3. Use pronouns (I, you, me, we, they) and some plurals from 26-36 months
    4. Understand most of what adults say by about three years.
    5. By birthday number two, your toddler will probably enjoy naming everyday things, like ‘doggie’ and ‘drink’. She’ll also be able to understand and follow a simple request, like ‘Bring me your book’ or ‘Wave bye-bye’ ( This can also start as early as 15-16 months).
    6. By the age of three, your child will probably move on to simple sentences, like ‘Where doggie gone?’ By now strangers will probably be able to understand most of what your child says, even though he’ll still struggle to express some words clearly.

Talking can be frustrating for toddler –

They can have so much to tell you but can’t quite get the words out. If you give your toddler time, she’ll get there eventually. Trying and making mistakes are important parts of learning.
Toddlers respond best to encouragement and interest, rather than correction or being made fun of, so try to avoid correcting your toddler’s mistakes too often. Patience is the key here, the more patient you are the more your toddler with be encouraged to speak there heart out.

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Play ideas to encourage toddler talking

The more words you expose your child to, the more words she’ll learn. Here are some play ideas to encourage toddler talking:

Read with your child.

  1. Talk about the ordinary things you do each day – for example, ‘I’m hanging these clothes to dry outside because it’s a nice sunny day’.
    2. Respond to and talk about your child’s interests. For example, if your child is pretending to drive a car, ask him where he’s going.
    3. Recite nursery rhymes and sing songs. Play rhymes, stories, and songs in the car.
    4. Copy your child’s attempts at words to encourage two-way conversation. Also build on basic words – for example, when your toddler says ‘train’, you can say, ‘Yes, it’s a big red train’.
    5. When your child is ‘talking’, show that you’re listening by smiling and looking at her. Also, praise your child’s efforts to talk.
    6. Leave time after you talk to give your child a chance to reply back. He might not always have the right words, but he’ll still try to respond. This helps children learn about the conversation.
    7. Point to and name body parts, or make it into a game – for example, ‘Where is your mouth?’

Eventually your toddler will be a non stop chatter box and she/he will fill your heart with there sweet honey like conversation.


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