My mother is an ordinary woman she is my superhero. In every step of my life, she supported and encouraged me. Whether day or night she was always there for me no matter what the condition is. Furthermore, her every work, persistence, devotion, dedication, conduct is an inspiration for me.
Mother is the pillar of strength in everyone’s life. She is one without whom our life is incomplete. A mother nurtures her child instil good manners in him and guide him in the journey called life. Mother is not simply a word but it is a whole universe in itself she is most important person in everybody’s life.

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I love her not because she is my mother and we should respect our elders. I respect her because she has taken care of me when I was not able to speak. At that time, she has taken care of all my needs when I wasn’t able to speak.
Additionally, she taught me how to walk, speak, and take care of myself. Similarly, every bigger step that I have taken in my life is all because of my mother. Because, if she hasn’t taught me how to take small steps then I won’t be able to take these bigger step. Mothers are the best gift given by God. She is the first best friend.
If i talk about my mother she is a Shopaholic. She loves shopping. She loves to design suits. She is a multi tasker. She loves to watch series on netflix. She is a modern woman. She loves cooking too and she loves to serve people the food made by her.
She is an essence of truthfulness, love, and sincerity. Another reason is that she showers her family with her blessing and live. Furthermore, she gives us everything but never demand anything in return. The way she cares for everyone in the family inspires me to the same in my future.

Also, her love is not just for the family she treats every stranger and animals the same way she did to me. Due to, this she is very kind and sensible towards the environment and animals.
Every mother is special for her children. She is a great teacher, a lovely friend, a strict parent. Also, she takes cares of the need of the whole family. If there is anyone out there who loves us more than our mother is only God. Not just for my mother but for every mother out there who lives her life for her family deserves praiseworthy applause.

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Mothers are the best gift given by God. No can think life without mother. She is precious. She is building block of our lives.


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