Hey what’s up guys!

My name is Chitrangada Das, married to my prince charming :), a lab mom, a human mom (4 years & 2 years respectively). A former software engineer, now a youTuber & blogger. I have always been inclined towards style, but I don’t believe in following or copying a trend and like to dress up with my simple ways. I love interacting with people, observe and try to understand situations and relationships.

I am very inspired by women, not necessarily only the famous once but also simple and normal women next door. Women as individuals have mesmerizing strong will, they are indeed lady wearing different hats. It’s a metaphor for taking up so many roles and responsibilities in life and achieving success in whatever they do. ‘Lady in different hats’ is all about Womanhood, Fashion, life & Relationships, it’s a community for women and a one stop for various aspects of life. I share here my personal style, life experiences, tips and tricks.

LET’S LEARN AND INSPIRE EACH OTHER 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading and thank you so much for your support!

Feel Good the way you are…

Talk Soon BYE BYE!!