About Lady in Different Hats

We know how women have to multitask all the time with variety of roles to play in her life and hence the name “Lady in different Hats”. We make things easy for her, by getting both beauty and baby essentials & Blogs all under one roof. We believe in delivering high quality products and bring to you cruelty free beauty and pure cotton baby products. You will also find beauty tips, parenthood/pregnancy tips and relationship tips here.

Company Origin: Pune, India.


Hi there!!!              

M name is Chitrangada Das. I am a former software engineer turned entrepreneur/ blogger! I am married to my prince charming :), a lab mom, human mom of one toddler and one little baby (6 years, 4 years & 1 year respectively).

I have always been inclined towards style, but I don’t believe in following a particular trend and like to dress up setting my own style. I love interacting with people, observe and try to understand situations and relationships. After one dog and two kids, I have understood that there is no right and wrong in parenting, whatever suits you is the best way possible for your kids and your family. Women inspire me., not necessarily only the famous once but also simple and women next door. Women as individuals have mesmerizing strong will, they are indeed lady wearing different hats. It’s a metaphor for taking up so many roles and responsibilities in life and achieving success in whatever they do. ‘Lady in different hats’ is all about Beauty, Parenting, & Relationships. It’s a community for women and a one stop for various aspects of life. I share here my personal beauty style, Motherhood & life experiences, tips and tricks.

Hope you enjoy our products and reading our blogs. Thank you so much for your support! Feel Good the way you are… Talk Soon BYE BYE!!