Available in three Patterns: Sugary Space Shuttle, Bubbly Bear & Cuddle Carrot.

Price: 899/-


  • PURE COTTON: Lady In Different Hats “Muslin Swaddle” blankets are made out of pure cotton fabric material.
  • BREEZY & COMFY: The Natural breathable Muslin Cotton provides a very soft and comfortable environment for your baby. It prevents overheating & soothes your baby to sleep, just like a mama’s lullaby.
  • CAREFREE & EASY: These blankets are very easy to handle as they can be machine washed after every baby poo and pee. They become soft after each wash and hence your baby sleeps peacefully.
  • MULTIPURPOSE MAGIC BLANKETS: Our Multipurpose Muslin Swaddle blankets can be used as swaddle wrap, baby crib sheet, stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth & also blanket for young toddler. This is a magic cloth for all mama’s.

SIZE OF MUSLIN SWADDLE: 120 cm * 110 cm (47in*43in).

BABY YEARS: 0 – 3 years

Motherhood is surely the most challenging phase of a women’s life as you forget about your own self and your child becomes the center of the universe.

You want your baby to be safe, secure and protect your child from any harm and you try your best to give him the world.

Do not worry, we are here to help you. We get your challenges!!!!

Lady In Different Hats “Muslin Swaddle” blankets are Breezy, Comfy, Carefree & Easy on your baby’s skin.