How To Control Temper Tantrum Of Your Child

Have you ever been to a party and your child has held your leg and started bawling his or her eyes out? Or did they shout and scream till they were red in the face so that you would buy them a toy? If the answer is yes, then you are aware of the temper…

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How to get your child to meditate?

Meditation has been considered as the art of the adult as it requires determination, focus, and strength. But parents are shifting their mindsets and want to inculcate the meditation techniques in their children from a very young age. Children, who meditate, show fewer signs of tantrum, traumas, and aggression. From a young age, their body…

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Monsoon Skincare Routine

Any basic routine for skincare is cleansing, exfoliate, and moisturize. But when it’s time for monsoon season, this has to be mapped out correctly. Monsoon season brings with it extra moisture, dirt stickiness, and many more troubles. Some of us get rashes and blisters because of the polluted rainwater. So, what can you do to…

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How To be Super Cool Parents

There are so many memes and videos on the internet created by the children titled “cool parents: expectation v/s reality”. They roast the parents and their rules online. Even if most of it is done as a joke, there is some truth to their videos. When a parent becomes a parent, they suddenly forget the…

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