Available Pattern: The Farm World (Pack of 3), Starry Night With Friends (Pack of 3) , The Wise Owl (Pack of 2), and The Football story (Pack of 2).



  1. FABRIC-PURE COTTON: No need to worry about your baby’s wet clothes, drooling habits and change of clothes every 15 mins. With the help of our ” Lady In Different Hats Baby Drool Bibs, your drooling baby will have an awesome day. It is made up of 100 % pure cotton and is hypoallergenic, your baby will stay clean and dry all day long.
  2. HIGH ABSORBING QUALITY: The Bibs are two layered and both the sides are made up of pure cotton. The Back Layer keeps the drools from soaking in to the baby’s clothing and also keeps a check on any kind of skin rashes. Our bibs almost covers half of your baby’s chest allowing there cloths to be mess free and clean.
  3. 2 ADJUSTABLE BUTTONS: There are two easily adjustable nickle free buttons, which allows you to adjust the bib according to your child’s neckline size and doesn’t hurt & harm your baby’s sensitive skin.
  4. PACKAGE: Lady In Different Hats Baby Drool bibs are put inside a very safe, secure and sealed recycled plastic pouch, so that the bibs are fresh and clean for your baby to use.

AGE: 0 TO 36 months

Motherhood is surely the most challenging phase of a women’s life, as you forget about your own self and your child becomes the center of the universe. You want your baby to be safe, secure and protect your child from any harm and you try your best to give him the world.

Do not worry, we are here to help you. We get YOUR challenges!!!!

With “Lady In Different Hats” Baby Drool Bibs your baby will feel super comfortable as it is made up of pure cotton. The 100% pure breathable cotton will help protect your baby from any moisture and skin irritation.
Also, your baby will look super cute and stylish with the variety of cute and trendy designs. It will surely up your baby’s style quotient!!!

About “Lady In Different Hats”: We believe in delivering high quality cruelty free beauty & cotton baby products to our customers. We know how sensible a baby’s skin is and hence use 100 % pure cotton , so that both mama and baby can have comfortable day time activities and peaceful good night sleep.