Is It Postpartum Depression Or Baby Blues?

When a mother has childbirth, she experiences baby blues for initial months. Baby blues is very similar to feeling depressed. The mother feels as if she hasn’t accomplished much with her baby, and feelings such as my “baby hates me” resurfaces. Whereas, postpartum depression is a clinical condition that is diagnosed and treated by a…

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How To Support A New Mom

Motherhood is a gift which is the most wholesome and enriching experience but at the same time it’s quite the task. Your wife, sister or a friend might be pregnant and its an astounding experience to be around a new born and watch in its unique entirety. But if you spend so much time with…

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How To Be Sane After Having Twins

Parents are both excited and nervous when they are expecting their first child. If you are expecting twins, it will be increased by two-fold. Parents watch movies and expect to stay up all night breastfeeding and shushing the baby on alternate nights. When a parent has twins, it’s feeding two babies and shushing the two…

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