Things To Know Before Becoming A Beauty Blogger

When we see the beauty bloggers get recognition, fame, and products as a an affiliate or brand ambassadors, it makes you want to be a beauty blogger as well. You may be very passionate about beauty and makeup and have so many tips that you would want to share with the world. But its not…

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The Eyebrow Story!

Growing up, tweezing eyebrows/threading was such a big deal. Filling up eyebrow was never even in the fashion agenda of 90’s. If you see the movies back then, even actresses had no clue about their eyebrow styling. Fast forward to 2019, suddenly filling eyebrow is everywhere, and apparently it’s an IN thing. With a well-groomed…

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Fed up of Monsoons? You will be even more worried because of your skin post monsoon ! Weather changes are inevitable and so is our skin’s healthy status. The Autumn season or post monsoon season so to speak is one of the beautiful seasons on earth with the leaves shedding and cool breeze; but can…

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