Beauty Tips For Beginners

Everyone starts their makeup journey at some time. Whether you are in college or starting to work soon or have a function coming up, makeup will enhance in look and in turn, give you more confidence and you will feel pretty. Makeup can be an experimental, basic, or everyday look, but you have to start…

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How to clean out closet for optimum use

Closet defines your character, personality and taste. If we are asked what is your favorite part of your house? The answer will be closet. It’s our closets that we invest our time, space and creativity in. The closet will store our purses, shoes, makeup, jewelry and clothes. Yet, don’t we always find that our closet…

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How can moms be de-stressed

Parenting is the most rewarding and exhausting job in the entire world. Your smile lights up when you hear your child squeal in joy but at the same time, you also get tired of playing hide and seek all day long. Sometimes moms just need a break and remember what life was before your little…

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