How to Talk to Your Child about Bad Behavior

Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet beautiful and meaningful journey. It is an important life tasks filled with ups and downs. One task in this includes teaching your child to behave. It is a job that takes time and patience, but it helps to learn effective and healthy discipline strategies. WHY CHILDREN MISBEHAVE?…

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How To Deal With A Cranky Toddler

Parents, if you thought that diaper changing and midnight crying of your little one was the most challenging part of parenthood, then brace yourself for the high intensity impact; the nerve-wracking years of toddler-hood. They will scream, shout and throw everything they may get their hands on. Kids this age are undergoing developmental changes that…

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Bizarre New-Born Myths

Every country has their own cultural system & norms. Our very own motherland India also has its versatile culture and many parenting techniques. While raising both my new born, I had to face infinite number of comments, suggestion and advices from various people in the society.  Everyone with all good intentions tried to add in…

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