How to teach a social concept to a child

When parents take their children to a restaurant or journey with them through public transport, they are bound to misbehave and cause a ruckus. Often parents get irritated with this and some even get embarrassed because of this. But no matter what you do, they never listen.  The more you try to discipline them the…

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How To Deal With A Cranky Toddler

Parents, if you thought that diaper changing and midnight crying of your little one was the most challenging part of parenthood, then brace yourself for the high intensity impact; the nerve-wracking years of toddler-hood. They will scream, shout and throw everything they may get their hands on. Kids this age are undergoing developmental changes that…

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 RAISING COMPASSIONATE KIDS? ARE WE REALLY? The other day, I went for a family new-year dinner in an up-class restaurant in town. The next table was occupied by a very well-dressed urban couple and their three kids. The Mushy gushy family was quietly having dinner. As I was watching the kids jumping around and trying…

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